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Ocean Health: What Can We Do to Help?

We know — the ocean is huge. Not only does it cover 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, but it holds an estimated 352 quintillion gallons of water. While it can be easy to feel like there isn’t much we can do as one tiny human to help the health of the ocean, we truly can make a massive impact. Think about it — while one small action may not completely heal our oceans, it's the ripple effect that will and has been shown to drastically improve the health of our oceans over the past years.

To help give you a better idea, we have compiled a solid list of different ways that rad humans across the world are shaking things up to help save our oceans and the creatures that inhabit it. Also please feel free to check out our charitable riding apparel at Ride Ride World. When you find an item or two that you love, you will then be able to select an organization that you would like a portion of your purchase to go to, which we will send directly after your purchase is complete.

Reduce your plastic use/use reusable products

Unfortunately, a whopping eight million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every single year. Marine life often ingest or become entangled in plastic debris which has led to far too many injuries and deaths. This plastic pollution also threatens our own food safety, quality, and overall health.

Incredible people have been going the extra mile to make reusable plastic items such as bags, straws, and other products much more accessible and affordable for the rest of the world in order to begin the ripple effect of solving this problem. Opting to purchase a reusable bag instead of several plastic bags that are just going to end up either shoved in a cabinet when grocery shopping or bringing your own cup and metal straw with you next time you go to a coffee shop truly does help to make a positive impact on our ocean’s health. Want to know why?

Because you are a part of that ripple effect. At Ride Ride World, we care a lot about our planet and want to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible, so we wanted to share with others just how much of an impact their seemingly small efforts may have. And while we still have quite a ways to go as a society, the world as a whole is starting to wake up to the damage we have done to our oceans and take steps like these to work on improving it.

Eat sustainable seafood

“Sustainable” sourcing means two things — that the fish have been caught using a method that doesn’t harm their environment, and also ensures that they can regenerate their stocks. Our demand for seafood is taking its toll on the amount of fish in our oceans leaving many species in danger of extinction. When purchasing seafood from a store or restaurant, keep an eye out for phrases like “line caught,” “diver caught,” and “sustainably caught” in order to ensure that the seafood you are eating was obtained from sustainable fisheries.

If you’re looking for some rad clothing that is both sustainable and charitable, check out our selection of riding apparel at Ride Ride World. Whether the waves, snow, or dirt is your gig, you are sure to find something you love.

Properly dispose of harmful materials

Because they often aren’t disposed of properly, motor oil and other hazardous materials often end up washing into coastal areas. This contributes to water pollution and further pushes the health of mother ocean to the point of permanent demise.


There are many amazing charitable organizations out there who are working extremely hard to help clean and protect our oceans. One of these organizations is called The Ocean Cleanup who aims to clean up 90% of ocean plastic pollution. In order to do this, they utilize a passive cleanup method that uses the natural oceanic forces to quickly clean up the plastic in our oceans in a cost-effective manner.

The Surfrider Foundation is another hard-working organization who is dedicated to protecting the ocean through local, regional, and national activism in order to educate and bring people together to help clean beaches and the ocean so that we can continue riding the waves for years to come.

If you are interested in donating to one (or both) or these organizations, you can go directly on their page or purchase riding apparel from Ride Ride World and select the organization you wish to send your donation to at check-out. Then represent your love for the waves with your new riding apparel next time you hit the beach!

Pick up garbage on beaches

This simple act also has a lasting positive impact on our oceans. Imagine you picked up a six-pack soda can ring or a chip bag from the sand of a beach. If you had left it there and thought that picking up one piece of litter wouldn’t matter, it would have eventually made its way into the ocean where it just might suffocate an innocent marine creature. That's on you if choose not to pick it up! Did you know that sea turtles often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and often are killed because of it?

So next time you see a piece of trash on the beach, please pick it up. The sea creatures will thank you!

Buy ocean-friendly products

There are many cosmetic products that contain shark squalene and jewelry products such as necklaces and earrings that are made up of coral, shark teeth, sea turtle shells, etc. These products are harvested using unsustainable fishing methods which are contributing to the destruction of the ecosystem, so next time you are visiting a tropical place and looking to buy your friend a souvenir, opt for a more sustainable product such as hand-made coconut carvings or jewelry made from cloth, glass, or rope.

Spread the word

Tell your friends how choice your new metal straws are! Or how freeing it is to have so much extra space in your cabinets where your plastic bags used to collect dust, or how amazing you feel purchasing sustainably caught fish. Have conversations with people about how much of a difference they can make on our oceans by taking small steps that will ultimately end up having a massive positive impact. Practice beats perfection, so just be sure not to beat yourself up if you accidentally forget your reusable bags a few times. Just the fact that you use them as much as possible is helping.

If you have any questions about Ride Ride World, our charitable riding apparel (which you can check out here), or any of the organizations we partner with that are working their tails off to save the health of our oceans and the creatures that reside in them, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be more than happy to help in any way we can.