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The Expert At Anything

“The expert at anything, was once a beginner” – Anonymous

What is the ride all about? Maybe you don’t know because you’ve been afraid to try, or you might get hurt, or because you think you won’t be any good at it. We see kickass riders all the time on TV or at live events or even in our own backyard, and we get sheepish. We convince ourselves; I can never be as good as that person and we psych ourselves out of the opportunity. Watching the top performers in any sport is awe-inspiring and can be intimidating… but it should be something else. Motivating!

The ride isn’t necessarily about being the best of the best, though if that’s your goal in life then get after it and know it’s going to take a lot of hard work, pain, and sacrifice. But for most of us and at the heart of Ride Ride World, it’s about something more soulful. It’s about experience. The freedom that comes with having your feet on a board or the seat of your iron horse or the dusty back of a bull or bronc that wants nothing to do with you. Connecting with Mother Nature as the swells mount on the horizon or the powder builds on an epic winter day in the Rockies. And maybe you spend the day getting rolled in the surf, or road rashed, and that can be part of the experience — but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to mountain bike but prefer wide paths or even concrete trails vs. single track, or prefer to ski or board the green runs all day or get with Mother Ocean and you want to just take it nice and easy and belly ride all day because that’s going to give you the best experience for you… THEN DO THAT!

“There are a million ways to surf, as long as you’re smiling, you’re doing it right.” - Unknown

This quote applies to all types of riding. Do not worry about impressing anyone. Ride Ride World, our riding apparel brand, is about being a supportive community, a family of folks that just want to get out and connect with themselves and others and the world around them via the ride. If you are really great at whatever it is you do, then I would urge you as part of the RRW family to reach out to help someone else either find the ride, improve the ride, or understand what the ride is about. That is our mission and purpose for creating this riding apparel brand — to help others experience the ride, especially those that may not have the opportunity at their disposal. Purchases of RRW riding apparel go to support charitable efforts like the Chill Foundation started by Jake Burton, the Surfrider Foundation, Trips for Kids, Wheels 4 Life, and more. Every time you make a purchase from our online store at RideRideWorld.com, a minimum of 5% of our profits goes to support one of these groups, and you get to choose the group at checkout!

Typically, the people you meet on the water, or the trails, or slopes, or the road are welcoming, humble and excited to share the part of their love for the ride with others in order to build the family and spread the love for humanity and the ride. We ask the family members of Ride Ride World to follow that design by being good humans, supportive mentors, and respectful riders. So, find something to ride, doesn’t really matter what condition it’s in as long as the experience makes you smile.

If you want to be an expert start with being an expert at enjoying yourself.


-Mr. H